What is IPOI? .

Isaac Peral
Open Innovation

Isaac Peral Open Innovation (IPOI) is an initiative of the Isaac Peral Foundation, which is funded and supported by the Instituto de Fomento and the Department of Business and Industry of the Region of Murcia; and collaboration of the main innovation agents of Spain, European Innovation Centers of Murcia and Cartagena, such as Universities, Technology Centers, companies and entrepreneurs, with activity inside and outside the territory.

Its activity is framed in a context of open innovation, which allows driving companies to interact with the entrepreneurial ecosystem and the engine of innovation.

The combination of success to advance

Tractor Companies
The large participating tractor companies define their technological challenges and publish them on our portal so that entrepreneurs can participate.
Suggest solutions
Entrepreneurs select those challenges in which they are interested and propose innovative solutions to the participating companies.
Tractor companies reward the winner of the challenge with an award for providing an innovative solution to their project.

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