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Innovative companies may offer solutions to the challenges proposed by IPOI companies.


IPOI companies will be able to launch their own technological challenges through our platform.


Innovative companies will have the opportunity to collaborate with large national companies.


If you are also innovative you can send your own ideas to IPOI companies and participate in their development.

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IPOI is the open innovation platform in which entrepreneurs and large companies meet and launch challenges to capture innovative ideas from around the world that can solve a specific problem. Participants will be able to respond to the challenge of IPOI companies and qualify for the proposed prize.

In addition, if you are innovative and want to propose your own ideas to IPOI companies, you can do it through our platform.
If you are innovative and want to participate in any of our challenges or send your own ideas to IPOI companies, you just have to register on the platform.

If you are a company and want to publish your own challenges and capture innovative ideas for your own projects, contact us through the form.
Innovators who respond to the challenges proposed by our companies may choose to win the published prize. In addition, if they participate by sending their own innovative idea and the company selects it, they can also collaborate in its development.

Companies will be able to solve their own innovation and development problems and capture talent and innovative ideas that drive progress towards the future.

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The Isaac Peral Foundation was created with the objective of contributing to the development and strengthening of the industrial and technological ecosystem, promoting, among other aspects, the work of technology providers.

With innovative ideas, the future is imagined today.

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